Natural Power Concepts, Inc. (NPC) is a highly innovative renewable energy technology developer, focused on eliminating the disastrous long-term impact the utilization of carbon-based fuel is now having on our planet.  We have developed, patented, and are commercializing an impressive portfolio of game changing technologies designed to capture the world’s abundant and under-utilized sustainable natural energy resources.  With environmental integrity, we open untapped niche markets where there are now no viable solutions. 

Since its inception, NPC has sustained continuous growth by assembling a world-class team of experts to include physicists, mechanical and power generation engineers, fabrication and prototyping experts, plus experienced business development professionals in the financial and marketing sector, to assure its investors an outstanding ROI and establish NPC as one of the premier innovators in the global energy technology renaissance.  

NPC was founded by internationally acclaimed inventor, artist and aviator John Pitre who also holds patents in a wide variety of business fields.  Pitre contributes a documented history of success in bringing products from concept to production and distribution with global partners and licensees worldwide.  NPC constantly files US and international patents, supported by extensive trade secrets and know-how, for its impressive body of Intellectual Property (IP) to substantially enhance its corporate value. NPC has 11 technologies with US and international patents issued, with over 6 additional patents currently in process.  With devices that are highly attractive to military, industry and domestic markets throughout the world, the NPC portfolio includes more than 30 concepts in development, with five uniquely different technologies currently undergoing commercialization for international markets and several more in the process. 

Our competitive advantage comes from our strong portfolio of breakthrough technologies that target niche renewable energy markets and the formation of strong strategic alliances with the US military and respected regional international partners or governments, which facilitates fast tracking projects through finance, permitting and regulatory hurdles. Since its inception in 2005, NPC has advanced its IP portfolio of renewable energy technology concepts, with physical demonstration prototypes completed for 15 technology’s, primarily focused on wind energy, hydrokinetic energy, hydrogen generation, desalination, ocean current and wave energy.  Eight of these technologies are matured to sophisticated demonstration prototypes and are moving through final engineering for commercialization and will soon contribute to the international renewable energy hardware Renaissance.


NPC technologies are designed and built to meet the following criteria: 

·       Tap open renewable energy niche markets not being exploited by existing technologies; 

·       Install and operate at similar, or lower, costs compared to standard fossil fuel based technologies; 

·       Have an operable life span of 20-plus years;  

·       Result in a zero, or negligible, Greenhouse Gas Footprint.