NPC technologies are designed and built to meet the following criteria: 


·       Tap open renewable energy niche markets not being exploited by existing technologies; 

·       Install and operate at similar, or lower, costs compared to standard fossil fuel based technologies; 

·       Have an operable life span of 20-plus years;  

·       Result in a zero, or negligible, Greenhouse Gas Footprint.


NPC non-dam river and river and tidal flow technologies. The NPC Pitre Auger Turbine (PAT) was developed with internal funding and grant assistance from the US Navy Office of Naval research (ONR). NPC's industrial partner ICL in India has successfully completed PAT hydro demonstration projects in the Ganges River Basin, with large-scale commercialization to follow. Licenses are in place for India and Africa and underway for China, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines, with a full international commercialzation strategy in place.


NPC cost-effective rooftop, storm proof wind technologies.  NPC has developed three different small-scale, weather resistant wind turbines.  Two turbines were recently tested and evaluated with funding from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL) and Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation (HCATT) in a 3-year project completed in 2016.  Both devises were found to have utility in supporting Department of Defense (DOD) energy requirements for deployable power applications and base installations. HCATT also identified additional obvious commercial applications for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR), communication towers and international domestic markets.** NPC is tracking for the first DOD deployment of NPC wind turbines for the largest US military microgrid at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Hawaii in 2017-2018.


NPC Ocean Buoy Grid.  The patented NPC Ocean Buoy Grid system is the only wave energy conversion technology design that is cost competitive with conventional fossil fuel generation technologies and is also efficient at direct desalination of seawater.  NPC’s buoy grid system is being evaluated by the ocean energy group at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI). HNEI conducts essential energy research relevant to Hawaii and the world and is recognized as an independent organization providing trustworthy and practical information to support the safe, reliable, and economically viable development of renewable energy technologies and systems.  HNEI also operates the US Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site off Kaneohe US Marine Corps Base, the only grid connected wave energy test facility in the US.  NPC is now working with HNEI to establish that NPC’s disruptive Ocean Buoy Grid system has the potential to be a world leader in electricity generation or desalination from wave energy resources.


NPC mobile energy conversion systems.  Designed for remote locations, isolated communities disaster relief missions (HADR), and military Forward Operating Bases, this devise incorporates the Patented NPC Folding Blade Turbine (FBT) developed by NPC in collaboration with the AFRL and HCATT discussed above. The self contained mobile units can deliver electricity, produce hydrogen for use as a fuel, or be configured to also provide safe potable water. NPC is currently in advanced negotiations with major international manufacturers for the production of these units.  


NPC deep-sea open ocean desalination of seawater. NPC has developed an IP portfolio of technologies that can tap the energy of ocean currents, wave activity and ship deck wind.  These are being developed for commercialization in 2017–2018, with international strategic partners, including major international manufacturers and emerging disruptive technology developers.


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