Porsche Electric Mission E Unsurprisingly Takes Lead Shots at Tesla

NPC – Whichever carmaker ultimately wins the battle for EV market leader status, mankind will be the ultimate winner. Much credit must go to Elon Musk and his beautiful Tesla EVs for waking up an industry that has had a longstanding addiction to polluting fossil fuels. @elonmusk Samtel

Who would have thought ten years ago that giant performance car maker Porsche would compete with a then-obscure Californian electric vehicle (EV) startup called Tesla Motors?

A book should be written on how disruptive Tesla has been in 15 short years. From a great Roadster turned electric to one of the very best sedans available in the world today, Tesla went from an amusing sideline for big OEMs to an outright thorn in their sides. And it didn’t just stop there. It put down the foundation of its future budding empire with a Gigafactory to produce lithium batteries, solar tiles to produce energy at home, and PowerWall units to store that electricity.

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