Global Warming Is Going to Demolish Economies & Societies

NPC – Climate change manifests itself in many different ways - rising sea levels are just one of them. When it comes to extreme weather events such as the hurricanes which devastated Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands in 2017, NPC has immediately deployable, plug and play containerized, clean energy generation, and clean water production solutions.  

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We had an article last week about the threat to the Florida real estate market that is coming our way from continued heating of the globe, rising sea levels, increased flooding, and stronger storms slamming the coast. Some comments under the article highlighted that such threats persist along vast US coastlines as well as coastlines across the world — it’s not just Florida. The fact of the matter is, humans have long settled close to seas, rivers, oceans, gulfs, and bays — and many of the world’s most populated and economically vital cities and regions will be physically harmed to one degree or another by the effects of climate change.