France Committing €700 Million To International Solar Alliance, Says President Macron

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Larry Page Self-Flying Air Taxi Cora Takes to The Air in New Zealand

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This Tiny Fake Fish Could Spark A Hydropower Revolution in the USA

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BMW Pushes Back EV Mass Production Again, Says Not Profitable Enough Until 2020

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Saudi Arabia & Softbank Will Partner to Build World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

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Apple Says Its Entire Business Is 100% Powered With Clean Energy

Wonderful News, Apple!

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The “Extra Aircraft 330LE” Two-Seat Electric Airplane

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With all the hot news of expanding electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, we’d be remiss not to mention that last year’s electric aircraft explosion is still going. Of course, it’s not rapid growth of market share at this stage but is more where electric cars were a decade or two ago.

Jerry Brown and Warren Buffet want to Rewire the West

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Gov. Jerry Brown and investor Warren Buffett, the world's second-wealthiest person, think they have a partial solution to that problem: Find California a bigger grid. 


Tesla’s Battery in Australia is Surpassing Expectations

NPC – Large solar arrays and big wind turbine technologies have made huge advances in the past few years, but Natural Power Concepts’ technologies fulfil a unique gap not addressed by either of these. Mobility and transportability mean that NPC’s clean power generation and desalination technologies can by moved quickly to areas of power outages, natural disasters and regions where seasonal demand requires fresh, clean water and/or electricity. Learn more at: and please ‘like’ and ‘share’ this page with your friends and family who care about the wellbeing of our planet, and of mankind.

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It’s just over one month since the Hornsdale Power Reserve was officially opened in South Australia at the Hornsdale wind farm. The excitement surrounding the project has generated acres of media interest, both locally and abroad. 

The aspect that has generated the most interest is the battery’s rapid response time in smoothing out several major energy outages that have occurred since it was installed.

Saudi Arabia Plans to Source 10% Of Its Power From Renewable Energy Within 5 Years

NPC – As the oil producing nations of the Middle East play their part in reducing the effects of polluting fossil fuels, Natural Power Concepts launches unique, groundbreaking sustainable water desalination technology able to go into production in half the time, and produce fresh, clean water for half today’s cost.

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Saudi Arabia is seeking investment of up to $7 billion of investment in the coming year to build about 4,000MW of renewable energy capacity, as part of its plan to supply 9,500MW, or 10% of its power demand, from renewable sources by 2023.

Matt Damon Shrinks Himself to Fight Climate Change in the 'Downsizing' Trailer

NPC – Natural Power Concepts also celebrates ‘small’ and ‘unique’ technologies with many of its groundbreaking technologies being carefully designed to fit into a standard 40-foot shipping container for immediate, secure transportation almost anywhere in the world. Upon arrival at their destination, many of the technologies are virtually plug and play clean energy generation plants which can provide immediate electricity or fresh water.

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Venice is on track to get swallowed up by the sea within a century, the Great Barrier Reef is dying, and 2016 was confirmed as the hottest year on record—all thanks in part to global warming. While the world grapples with how to effectively combat climate change, the new trailer for Alexander Payne's film Downsizing hypothesizes a simple solution: Why don't we just shrink ourselves?

Jaguar I-Pace Faces Off Against Tesla Model X in Drag Race. Who Wins?

NPC – The global EV market is expanding rapidly but can the EV charging grid network keep up? Natural Power Concepts has a solution to this challenge with highly mobile, clean, renewable, plug & play charging technology which will keep the EVs moving, even when power outages or natural disasters strike the fixed charging stations.

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Taking a page out of the Tesla play book, Jaguar has pitted its brand new I-Pace electric SUV against two versions of the Model X in a drag race. Why? Because such media hype gets a lot of attention and sells a lot of cars. As part of the Formula E race weekend at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez outside Mexico City, Jaguar brought two racing drivers to the track’s drag strip.

Cape Town May Be First World City to Run Out of Water Due to Climate Change

NPC – As crunch time approaches for water-hungry communities around the world, Natural Power Concepts is here to provide clean, renewable energy solutions including groundbreaking, ultra-high capacity, mobile desalination plants that will deliver clean drinking water for half or less of the current cost of desalinated water.

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Cape Town, South Africa, a city of 4 million, is facing an existential challenge. It is about to run out of fresh water. Anthony Turton, a professor at the Center for Environmental Management at the University of the Free State in South Africa, tells the New York Times,  “It’s not an impending crisis — we’re deep, deep, deep in crisis,” and climate change is the reason.

Nike Signs 86 Megawatt Wind PPA To Go 100% Renewable In North America

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Footwear megalith Nike has announced its second major wind Power Purchase Agreement with Avangrid Renewables, an 86 megawatt contract for wind energy in Texas that brings Nike’s total renewable energy sourced in North America up to 100%.

Californian Utility for Turnkey Charging Solutions in Critical Spots

NPC – Vast areas of the nation will not see an easily accessible EV charging station for many years. Natural Power Concepts not only has the mobile, clean energy solution but it is also a rapid plug & play solution when natural disasters take out the fixed power grids.

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If you live in PG&E’s utility network, there is a program you might be interested in checking out. Greenlots provides grid-enabled EV smart charging solutions that have caught the eyes of Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E), which has launched a program that will help further the adoption of electric vehicles in the region. In particular, PG&E is working with Greenlots to roll out intelligent EV charging in the areas of most latent demand — at multifamily buildings, workplaces, and universities.

Global Warming Is Going to Demolish Economies & Societies

NPC – Climate change manifests itself in many different ways - rising sea levels are just one of them. When it comes to extreme weather events such as the hurricanes which devastated Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands in 2017, NPC has immediately deployable, plug and play containerized, clean energy generation, and clean water production solutions.  

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We had an article last week about the threat to the Florida real estate market that is coming our way from continued heating of the globe, rising sea levels, increased flooding, and stronger storms slamming the coast. Some comments under the article highlighted that such threats persist along vast US coastlines as well as coastlines across the world — it’s not just Florida. The fact of the matter is, humans have long settled close to seas, rivers, oceans, gulfs, and bays — and many of the world’s most populated and economically vital cities and regions will be physically harmed to one degree or another by the effects of climate change.

Porsche Electric Mission E Unsurprisingly Takes Lead Shots at Tesla

NPC – Whichever carmaker ultimately wins the battle for EV market leader status, mankind will be the ultimate winner. Much credit must go to Elon Musk and his beautiful Tesla EVs for waking up an industry that has had a longstanding addiction to polluting fossil fuels. @elonmusk Samtel

Who would have thought ten years ago that giant performance car maker Porsche would compete with a then-obscure Californian electric vehicle (EV) startup called Tesla Motors?

A book should be written on how disruptive Tesla has been in 15 short years. From a great Roadster turned electric to one of the very best sedans available in the world today, Tesla went from an amusing sideline for big OEMs to an outright thorn in their sides. And it didn’t just stop there. It put down the foundation of its future budding empire with a Gigafactory to produce lithium batteries, solar tiles to produce energy at home, and PowerWall units to store that electricity.

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Small, Agile, & Fast, Propella Electric Bike Could Be the Perfect City Dweller’s e-Mobility Solution

NPC – We love this sort of innovation that makes a positive contribution to man’s wellbeing, in more ways than one.

What do you do when you really want a bicycle, but you wouldn’t mind a well-integrated electric motor and nothing too crazy? You get the Propella e-bike. Well-balanced with a terrific aesthetic design, the Propella looks like a regular city bike and dissimulates the battery pack and electric motor it hides in plain view. The idea grew from the desire of wanting something sleek that wasn’t foremost an e-bike, at least, not the way we see them today.

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Arctic Has Warmest Winter on Record

NPC - This heartbreaking image is yet another reminder that we must embrace change and new innovative, clean energy technologies if we are to halt the destruction of our fragile eco system and improve the lives of all living beings on our planet.

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Photo of frail polar bear demonstrates the tragedy unfolding in the arctic.

The Arctic winter comes and goes — but ever so differently as warming trends prevail. Increasing temperatures and glacial caving continue as Mother Nature gets hotter — at the top of our world as elsewhere.

Jordan Selects Finalists to Bid for 300 MW of Solar, Wind Power

NPC - Careful planning to prevent visual pollution will be vital to the preservation of the beautiful Jordanian landscapes. عبدالله بن الحسين  @KingAbdullahII

Jordan selected 45 companies including France’s Total SA and Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power as finalists to bid for six solar and wind energy power plants with total capacity of 300 MW of power.

The 31 companies selected for the four solar power plants include Linuo Group, FRV Solar Holdings, ACWA Power, Chint Solar, Total Solar and TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis, Minister of Energy Saleh Kharabsheh said in a phone interview. The plants would each have capacity of 50 MW, he said.